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GLAMRAW is a brand, designed by myself, Davina Wellesley. Elegance with an Edge is the phrase that defines Glamraw and is something I aspire to; Elegance, but with an edge, and this is what is reflected in the Glamraw designs.

I have been very lucky and made some good choices in life that have led me to amazing corners of our world, and it is from these areas my creativity flows, and it is with gratitude that I have been able to create these collections.

The ‘Resort Collection’ was designed and made in Istanbul, Turkey in 2011/12.
The ‘Summer Collection’ was made in Goa and fabrics were sourced in Delhi in 2013/14.
The ‘Bag Collections’ were made in Goa, India from 2011 until 2014.
The ‘Bag Collections’ are presently made in Delhi, India.